what a waste


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what a waste

20 yrs ago they turned a 2 lane road into 5 lanes in a town near me. That resulted in some houses being moved. One of which was nice looking with cedar siding. It was set temporarily on a lot near the road. 10 yrs later a sign went up at that lot stating it was the future site of a car wash [which was never built] and that house got moved to a business lot in another nearby town 10 miles away. It sat there for several years until being moved to a flat spot [barely big enough] in a holler at the edge of a ravine.

Me and my wife make a point to look at it when we go down that road. Had a discussion a couple years ago that it needed shoring up but I'd be leery of crawling under it. It's been a wet spring and we noticed that the cribbing at one corner had slid down into the ravine and now the house really looks precarious I suspect the house will follow before the year is out.

I assume the state paid for the house to be moved the 1st time but the owner had to pay the next 2 times. All that money spent and nice house is now trash
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There are plans in the work to make our sleepy town road 4 lanes with a turn in a few years. I drive down the road and wonder just who will be displaced with this widening. Will it be the college's infrastructure buildings and brand new tennis courts and observation areas, or will it be the newly remodeled library on the other side of the street or Senator Zell Miller's house next door, or our local Cardiologist's house? It will be interesting to say the least.
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Some of those eminent domain stories are a total horror. We all have one. In 1959, some family members in Brooklyn was forced out of their house. My aunt lived there from day 1 in 1893 but the city just had to widen the street. I just about killed her. Who need it? Just some bad politicians.
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In another town near me there is a one lane tunnel under the RR tracks and housing has really boomed in that area over the last 20 yrs. So now they've decided a bridge over the tracks is needed to accommodate the traffic. Only problem is they have to buy land including several upscale homes to put in the bridge. I ferget how many millions they said it will cost - but that is ok because the state is paying for most of it
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One of the more egregious eminent domain oversteps took place in New London, CT. The city, in cahoots with a developer, decided to take private homes in a large residential area from their owners so that it could be developed for the "greater good" of the city (read that as greater good of the local pols that had their hands out).

One of the residents sued and the case went all the way to the Supreme Court (Kelo vs New London) where the residents lost in a 5-4 decision. Families that had lived in these houses for generations were forced to leave and the homes demolished.

The development deal fell through and now the area is a large overgrown eyesore.

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Great point CW, I think eminent domain is being abused, greater good isn't good enough.

I always thought eminent domain was for a dam or a freeway, not someone wanting to make money off of valuable land and all they need to do is kick you out.
I can understand a freeway, but not some type of development that will bring money to the city due to sales or tourism.

They tore down a lot of houses here in San Diego to improve the I-15 through a dense area (University/El Cajon Blvd), everyone is happy. The freeway went through residential streets prior and had traffic lights. That's unimaginable today, there are 5 lanes and you're still parked.
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In Maryland a year or so before I was born they started to build 495 the beltway for the greater Washington area. Mom and dad really liked a great Italian restaurant that unfortunately was in the way of the beltway which was built to lessen congestion on nearby roads. Fast forward to the present time and they are still not happy and want a larger beltway which will take away homes. The expansion would be necessary if The FBI moves their headquarters to nearby Greenbelt as they would need an off ramp. Although I have heard of alternative plans that wouldn't take homes away from families.

Eminent domain though has taken away a Ford dealership that everyone liked and a doctors office building all for student housing in College Park. Much of which really isn't being used and some of their building standards are not that great as already a new building caught on fire near a trash bin on an upper floor. The fire spread quickly as you can imagine with some of those newer materials they used to build the building. Luckily no one was hurt but I wish they wouldn't use I joists in their construction.

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