Removing old railroad tie


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Removing old railroad tie

I have this big old railroad tie.Its been burned 3 times and won't go away the middle i pretty well burned out- 8" x 10" i think in size 8' long"rectangular .It smokes and smells pretty bad ! CREASOTE soaked.Can I cut this really ole R&R tie with my chainsaw--- or will i cause damage to it. Chains not important, i could burn it at night.But i have good neighbors in general. Ideas on this please how would you get rid of it. BOB S AND THANKS FOR good tips

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(Moved thread to general chats..... for now.)

What do you want it to do..... disappear ?
Is it part of a wall ?
Is it just laying on the ground being a pest ?

Burning creosote is not a good idea.

You can cut it with a chainsaw.
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Laying on the ground to big for me to move . "whats creasote danger" PJ?.Thinking i should cut it up if its not to hard.I don't cut wood as a rule, small pieces and stuff it piece by piece in the trash . wastebasket trash, gonna be here forever. Yeah in general "Make it disappear" Would work also sorry i posted in the wrong arena. Looked thru the fourms .thanks bob s
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Creosote is toxic which is why it's no longer used. So, don't eat it and don't breathe the smoke.

Best would be to cut the tie up into chunks you can dispose of. Many ties contain steel at the ends to prevent splitting and look out for holes where spikes may have been driven so avoid those areas when cutting.
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Cut into small chunks as PD says, then bury them.
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Be sure to pry the RR tie off of the ground enough so you don't get your bar/chain in the dirt. A chain saw is the only way I've ever cut a RR tie. While it's probably old enough not to be an issue - if you get any creosote on your skin be sure to wash it off as it could give you a rash.
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this old RR tie is really old- tips are great here , do wish i had left it alone now.The squirrels in the fall used it to break up walnuts, from trees we have. It was rotted full length. But room enough for couple squirrels live and learn ,do get tired of learnin but not the livin----- part. thanks all bob s

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