Tow Guy has a new name!


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Tow Guy has a new name!


Oyster Creek GC, #16, 155 yards, 4-hydrid. Nothin' but net!

Here's the hole:

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Sweet! And no pressure with all the water off to the left.
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Way to go! .
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Great to hear, way to go!
That hole looks a little scary to me...
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Congratulations. I think that means you owe us all a beer.

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Did you buy everybody a round? Well done!! I have gotten two Aces, but that is in disc golf. We measure holes in feet, not yards.
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Sorry, I'll need pictures or video and 3 signed witness statements with at least 2 not being Former Gyrenes. We all know how you guys embellish your stories.

Seriously, good smack.
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I dont play golf but I do understand that was a heck of a shot. I used to live in the country & my (about) 70 year old neighbor had a mini golf course in his yard & he use to ask me to play. He used to beat me so bad... lol.
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Last month stuck a drive 3 foot from the pin at 175 yards. Still no Ace in my pocket.
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Some answers:

PD, the water on the left looks like more of a factor than it is "live". The "white" tees are actually slightly forward of where it says on the pic. They are between the first trees on either side of tee box. Where that yellow line starts would be the blue tees; they're about 180 yds I think on this hole. Funny story, couple of years ago while playing this hole I hit my five iron (hole location closer). Had a funny feel and sound when I hit it, followed by a splash over in that pond. It was the club head! Snapped right off and I was left holding nothing but a shaft! My daughter still kids me about that, but I figure that offering to the Golf Gods maybe contributed to my ace.

Sleeper, I left some in the lounge fridge for everyone. As this is off season, the only guy in the club house when we finished was the counter guy. Darn the bad luck!

Vic, sorry only my wife as witness. I even looked around at all those screened porches and not a soul in sight. This course is in a gated, heavy-on-the-snowbird-population community. Being off-season, at least half the places are shuttered. Wifey shot video on her smartphone of us driving up cart path to green and me picking ball from cup.

I always figured that wife would get one way before me, she's hit the flag stick a number of times and is often more accurate to the green than me. Either that or I would hook or slice a shot out of bounds and then make an ace (which it wouldn't be) on my next shot after the penalty.

FWIW, the rest of the score card is a little ugly. Two holes prior (#14, par 4) I hit my second shot into water, after dropping I toed (towed?) next shot also into the water, dropped and hit next one into bunker, and finished with a three putt. Next hole after that, hooked my tee shot over the fence line out of bounds (I rarely hook). Guess I was due for a good hole.

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Here is a map picture of hole, Nice shot. Used to caddy when I wa kid but never carried bags for a ace.!4d-82.3060135

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