Contractors Returning Phone Calls


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Contractors Returning Phone Calls

Is it common for contractors not to return phones calls for request for services. I have two projects, roof work and concrete work. Multiple contractors have not returned calls I have left on their voicemail. The messages I leave are generic, I just ask for a call back to set up a time for an estimate for the type of work they advertise for. Most of them have websites that say call.

It just seems like bad business practices to ignore phone calls. They don't know if I might have that high dollar job that could make them a lot of money. At least call back and say they're too busy at this time. I have a running list currently at 6 of contractors I'll never call in the future because they ignore my message.

Kinda irks me because before I call them I research via licensing boards, forums, review sites to hopefully find decent ones. It turns into such a waste of my time.

Or am I asking too much?
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Every time I call my yard man he says he is coming and doesn't so I call again and he says he will be there. Every time I say give me a call if you can't make it. He has never called me to say he can't make it. Well he was coming last week, never did. I called him Sunday. He said was coming Monday, well it is 12:05am so maybe maybe Tuesday is the Monday he meant.

Ironically he was recommended to me by a friend who has used his services for seventeen years and she doesn't seem to have the same problem. His price is really good though so I'd really like to keep using him. Not sure the frustration offsets that.
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I don't know if it's common practice or not but there are a lot of them that don't bother to communicate unless they think it will cost them money. And then many will lie about when they'll be there thinking if you know they can't show up when promised you'd get someone else. I always returned phone calls even if it was to let them know I was too busy to take on any additional work at that time.
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Too busy to call back, too busy to do a good job.
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The ones that don't call you back are either too busy to take on more work, or don't want more work in which case you don't want them anyway because you never know if they will show up.

Keep trying other contractors until you find somebody who will return you calls and communicate well. That is the guy who will let you know when he will show up, do the work when they say, and will address any issues.
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IMO even if you are too busy to take on any more work you should still return the call. While I have had a few get mad at me because I was too busy to do their job, many will remember that you called and not cross you off the list for future jobs .... besides, returning a call is the right thing to do!
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Speaking personally, its sometimes hard to get back to people promptly. A lot depends on when you call... how busy the guy is... whether or not he is a one man show or has a company... a dedicated saleman or a secretary.
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Non returned calls, and e-mails are one of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with a contractor. Last winter I contacted 6 flooring contractors looking for someone to refinish hardwood floors. Only one responded telling me he was too busy. I ended up getting a guy that had done work for a friend of my wife.

This spring I contacted 4 guys that advertised that they do landscaping/brush removal. None of them returned my calls. I finally found a guy that agreed to do the job, we agreed on a price and set a date. He never showed. Three or four days later he showed up at 6PM unannounced "ready to get it done."

And people wonder why "independent" contractors, especially HICs, have such a bad rep.
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I'm a contractor and am guilty of not returning some calls.
I will show up on time and return calls once a deal is made, keeping close contact.

My excuse is I sometimes sense someone is not serious about getting something done, I could be wrong. Serious doesn't mean high dollar, just being able to do the job and get out.

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