Warranty? What warranty?


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Warranty? What warranty?

I just watched a segment on the local news. One of those "we got your back things." A woman was complaining about being unable to get warranty service for her refrigerator that needs the compressor replaced. It is made by a well known and popular Korean company. Her warranty stipulates that repairs must be performed by a rep licensed by the company.

According to her, she has called 12 such licensed service companies listed by the company and none will do the work! I found that hard to believe until the TV station contacted the company and they too said that they could find none of their authorized repair services that was willing to do the work!

WTF? Am I missing something? How hard is it to replace a compressor on a fairly new refrigerator?
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It has very little to do with how hard it is. It's all about what that manufacturer will reimburse for warranty service and it's pretty close to zilch.
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Sounds like a case for small claims court against the company and/or the store she bought it from.

As someone recently stated, guarantees are for consumer protection while warranties are for manufactures protection.
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My company repaired office equipment including small copiers. When we needed a copier from a local box store I asked about service both warranty and after. No problem just call it in and they will tell you where to take it. Turns out the closest was near Boston, 400 miles away. So I contacted the mfg to see if they wanted someone closer, with parts and service manuals we could provide support. Ya, if we were willing to do all of the work for $25 labor and all follow up work for anything related for free. And, any parts/boards replaced would be checked at the factory and we would be billed if they determined they weren't defective. I guess they never heard of intermittent problems.

So Pete has it right, they don't pay enough for ANY service company to take on that work.

As a note, anyone living in Maine can just return any item to the seller and the seller must handle the repair.


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