"Clear The Shelters"


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"Clear The Shelters"

This weekend, August 19, is "Clear The Shelters" Day. Clear the Shelters | Clear the Shelters

Its actually a week long event this week but they are pushing Saturday August 19. Its a nation wide pet adoption event to obviously "Clear The Shelters" nation wide.

Some shelters also have farm animals, like horses, goats, chickens etc in addition to the usual dogs & cats.

If you have been considering adopting a pet, this just may give you the incentive to do it this week/weekend. Some (I am assuming most or all) shelters are offering incentives on adoptions during the event.

This is our little Miniature Schnauzer mix that we got from the shelter in Dec 2009. She was 9 months old at the time. She is 8 years old now. She is my pride & joy.
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A couple of years ago I spent two weekends with my daughter and grand kids looking for a puppy. I think we visited every shelter within 50 miles. What we found was pit bulls (the local Humane Society has 12 dogs pictured on their website - 9 are pit bulls) and adult dogs that were pretty old. My daughter eventually bought a pup from a reputable breeder.

My wife and I went through the same thing when she was looking for a cat. Shelter cats in CT average over $150. We found very few kittens available. Most of the cats were old and diseased. We visited one shelter where a woman had maybe 100 cats in small cages in her basement. There was one tiny incandescent light in the cellar. Better to have put them down then force them to live like that.

Shelter adoption is big business here in CT. Fees for puppies range from $210 to over $500. There are usually few puppies available and the majority of the adult dogs are pit bull/pit bull mixes. At least one shelter charges a $20 application fee and if you are approved they will allow you to pay them $525 for a puppy - if they have one.

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