BIG solar eclipse & suitable welding lens


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BIG solar eclipse & suitable welding lens

So I have a cheep run of the mill welding helmet from HF. Inside it says rated for 9-13
Online the experts say only 14 is suitable, no mention of 13? So whats up with that?
I will keep reading see if I can dig up some more info.
What are you all going to do to watch this big event? Probably experience the online version and go outside to experience it LIVE also!
Then go get my free chicken wings! Because........ ITS
KOOL its happening on my Birthday!!
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The NASA site I was at the other day said you can safely use 12-14.
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Let us know where you'll be picking up those chicken wings so we can "guard" them during the eclipse.

Oh... and Happy Birthday.
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You need to be careful with variable shade welding helmets.
The at rest rating will not protect your eyes.

If yours has a switch to make the lens darken without a spark then it needs to be set to this position first.
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While I intend to utilize my welding hood, I'd be leery of using one that waits for the spark to darken up. If it can be switched on like Greg said - that might be ok.
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We have had dozens of calls at our store asking if we carry the glasses. We don't. And if I was a businessman, I would not even consider it. Even if the glasses are certified, you know some dumb *ss is going to do something stupid and you're in for a law suit!

I'm DVD'ing it and will look at the recording in my living room. Besides the vast majority of watchers have no clue as what, or why you want to look at it. Look at the surrounding area, the fauna and animals behavior instead. That's what is interesting.

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