Flooding in the south.


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Flooding in the south.

Been watching FOX news all morning and the catastrophe in Texas. Hope Ray is OK and any other member of this forum who are affected by the storm. Our prayers are with you.

Can't believe some of the stupid people who are driving through flooded streets. Not only can your car stall, you'll never know what is submerged in that water.

Give kudo's to Trump who want's to visit the area but say's no until his arrival won't cause problems.
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There will be confusion any time that he goes there. Luckily, I worked evenings when presidents came to NY. Now the president lives on 5th Ave.
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My home flooded in 2016 in north Louisiana after 24" of rain in about 3 days. I know first hand what they are going through, how devastating it is & its still fresh in my mind. It stressful to deal with this hour after hour, day after day, week after week while others have moved on. Its in the news now, but 2 weeks from now you wont hear anything about it. We flooded in March & moved back in in October. Every day was a struggle. Mostly because of contractors who were honestly good, reputable contractors but got greedy & took on waaaaaay more than they could handle. Going from one house to the other, working on this house for one day then going to another/different houses every few days. What was supposed to be a 3 day sheet rock job turned into 2 weeks. A painter who had a six day job & he still wasn't finished in six weeks. Bouncing from job to job, house to house. Hiring inexperienced workers to train OJT to get jobs finished as quickly as possible.
During disasters, even a lot of the good ones get greedy & cause ciaos. People who aren't flooded just don't get the day to day stress associated with a disaster like this for months on end. Dint get me wrong, I had a couple of good contractors that did what they were supposed to do, but most, & I stress, even the good, reputable contractors, got greedy.
I have to honestly say, the contractors were the worst part of the disaster situation. The flood was over in about 10 days. It was done & over. The contractors were much worse than the flood & the issues it brought with it.

My thoughts will be with all the victims involved in the flood.

As norm related to... stupid people... I cant believe a CAT 4 hurricane hit Corpus & people stayed at home. Idiots!
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Dixie, I know of what you speak. As with any type of trauma, no one can "feel" the pain unless you go through it. All we can do is sympathize. Several years back in 2011 with hurricane LEE, my daughter in Lebanon, PA got flooded out. Whole 1st floor was flooded almost to the ceiling. She was one of the lucky ones. Just days before her insurance agent suggested she get flood insurance. She balked at the idea but relented when he insisted. Most in the neighborhood had nothing. And to this day many still live with the remnants of the disaster. Months after the flood we had a pile of debris as high as the roof line. She had to have professional mold removers out three times, and even then she had to do much of the work. Although she no longer lives at this location she still owns the house and still doing renovation work.

I keep telling her to sell the place. It's only a matter of time when it will happen again. They say it was a 100 year event and it will be another hundred years before it happens again. Problem is that hundred year event could be tomorrow.
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We've got a system sitting off the Gulf coast over here too, but dropping nothing like in Texas although we'll probably have 8" before it's done.
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And now the second guessing, finger pointing and Monday morning quarter backing will begin. Most of which will be fueled by the media.

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