neighbor issue, would you get uptight about this?


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neighbor issue, would you get uptight about this?

I have this neighbor that keeps his gas cans on his property but adjacent to the property line. About 5' from the structure of my home.

Would you get uptight about something like that?

You can imagine what I am thinking, as these cans are in plain view of the people walking about and there are lots of wackos around. I live in the city.
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Have you talked to your neighbor? I suspect he sets them there because it's convenient and hasn't thought any further about it.
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Yes, I would be upset. Unfortunately, as long as they are on his/her side of the property line you probably have no legal recourse. There may be some municipal ordinance about the amount of gasoline that can be stored and the manner in which it may be stored. You would have to look that up in your local municipal codes.
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If you get nowhere talking to the neighbor, call the building dept. or fire dept.
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I'd be concerned with gas cans that close to my house. Tell your neighbor that you are uncomfortable with his gas can being that close to your house. If he doesn't move them give your State Fire Marshal a call to find out if this is a fire code violation. It's a good idea to get along with neighbors but if he doesn't respect you then don't feel obligated to respect him.
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Yes, I would be concerned about this. Like the other guy said, there has to be a code violation for this with the fire department of the city
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How long has this gas can location been going on? Something tells me there is more to this than just the location of gas cans. Is the neighbor new or has both you and him been there awhile? Do you normally get along with him? Are there other problems between you?

Here's my take on this. Have the cans been there for years, months or weeks? If years or months, then why are you complaining now? If just weeks then yes, I would approach him and ask in a friendly manner if he would consider moving them perhaps to the other side of house. I would wait before contacting authorities or even mentioning codes to him. If he does not comply or blows you off then you know where you stand and then all is fair as far as taking legal action.
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In my city, this would be a code violation cited by the neighborhood services department. You might want to consider whether the guy will retaliate if you complain. Where I live, code violations can be reported anonymously.
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If the gas cans are in plain view of anyone walking by; then it doesn't necessarily have to be the next door neighbor who complained.

A friendly visit from the Fire Department might educate the neighbor on how better to store the flammable liquid.
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If my neighbor was that unreasonable he'd find his cans empty.

If they're really that exposed to the neighborhood then he shouldn't be surprised "someone" would help themselves.
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When I was in elementary school there was a concrete block on the playground, next to the outer fence and far away from the building. It was about two feet long, 18 inches tall and about the same depth and had a thick galvanized steel door with a padlock. I never had the slightest idea of what it was for until one day I saw a custodian open it up and there were two gasoline cans to fuel the power mower. I've never seen another but often thought that would be the ideal bunker to store gasoline at home.
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I'm almost sure what superjojo reported is a code violation of some kind with his city, local or county government.

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