Spelling, grammar and sentence structure

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Spelling, grammar and sentence structure

I have been working hard to NOT point out these items as of late but this one just HAS to be addressed. In the blurbs following a reply box the word separated is misspelled as seperated. It is one thing for a member to make the mistake, it is just plain unacceptable for the BOARD to have such a mistake.

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Old 09-10-17, 07:32 AM
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I have to agree with you Furd although I don't think there is any way to save our spelling and grammar. Tweets and text have encouraged an entire generation (or two) to ignore mistakes and abbreviate any way they can. We will soon need a mouse over on any word, phrase, or sentence to give us options as to what was possibly said.

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Grammar & spelling were at a low point long before texting started. There no excuse for bad grammar but the poor structure of the English language alphabet contributed to poor spelling. While vowels have only one sound in most languages, they have 2 possible sounds in English. Hence the correct statement by Furd about spelling separate.
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While I agree that a spelling error in this case was unfortunate, I wonder about the BP of people who let it bother them.

Internet message boards, chat rooms and other media are forms of informal communication, not too distant from verbal conversations. Grammatical errors are relatively unimportant, at least when compared to formal writing. The most important thing is comprehension. Can the writing be understood?

If you are in a conversation with a stranger and they use a double negative, do you feel obligated to advise them on the correct use of the English language?

My biggest problem with grammar police is that too often their "corrections" come across as elitist, rude and sometimes offensive. Not everyone has had the advantage of a good education and calling them out for poor sentence structure probably either embarrasses them or pisses them off. In either case they will probably think twice before posting on a site where people get their panties twisted or nothing.
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Next you'll be expecting all emygrants to larn to sbeak inglish bafore thay kanby siduhsins.
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Yep, I usually let it slide. As long as you can read the intent it is fine. I moderate another forum that is worldwide in its scope and many communicate through the use of translator programs. So the grammar is all over the place. However, it is funny, I would much rather read a post from a non-English speaking member than a frequent native texter who uses every shortcut known to man. At least I can follow the one using the translator program.
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Nothing to be gained by continuing this thread and it is starting to get political which is against the rules. Thread is closed.
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