One of those little flashback's


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One of those little flashback's

Yesterday, being Sunday and not wanting to get too greasy or grimy, but feeling like spending some time in the shop, I was again sorting, tossing, putting up brackets to hang some more things, brushing up sawdust, etc. Nothing too exciting, but, as I told my wife, it's not so much the big things that cause the clutter, but the little things, like a coffee can or a box full of "stuff" that I'm not sure where to put, so it sets where it is, sometimes taking up what could be useful workspace. But we've made a lot of progress recently, have found places for or gotten rid of a lot of "miscellaneous stuff", and it is sure making it a lot more enjoyable to actually work on something. Anyway, going through one box that had obviously not been open for more than a few years I came across a metal box with a cord, receptacle, and a label on the front that said "motor speed controller". It actually looked pretty good overall, but was obvious that the box had been shaped by hand from a sheet of aluminum, so not perfect, and the label had clearly been made from an old Dymo(?) label maker, so it was definitely handmade. So I opened it up to look at the electronics inside, and there was no doubt that this had been made by some teenager in the '60's, probably from a schematic out of Popular Mechanics or something like that. Yup, it was many years ago, but yours truly made it for his dad, and I don't remember when it was exactly, but not that long before variable speed drills became popular, so it probably didn't get a lot of use, but was still an interesting find. The box itself is now in the scrap aluminum pile, and the guts are in the trash can, but the time I spent with my dad will always be in my heart and mind.
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My Dad purchased me a computer package years ago for Christmas. I came across the receipt and warranty in which he had scribbled notes in his distinctive handwriting. For some reason, seeing his handwriting seemed to bring back a strong connection. He died in 2010 after a long battle with Alzheimers/vascular dementia.

Back in the seventies,' I spent many weekend nights watching some of the classic TV shows with Mom and Dad. If I ever see these old re-runs today, they bring back fond memories or flashbacks that you refer to.

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