I want to change my user name, is it allowed and who can assist me?

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I want to change my user name, is it allowed and who can assist me?

As the title states, i want to change my user name.

Who should i contact to do so?

I haven't been successful in the past.

I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be allowed. Everything stays the same.
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Yes, it is allowed. You need to get an administrator to change it I think. I originally was furd but I wanted the first letter capitalized. Sharp Advise (may he rest in peace) changed it without any problem. Stickshift used to be someone else, I think Mitch, and he got changed. There are a couple of others as well but I don't remember who.

This link should take you to the moderators page. Scroll down a bit to find the administrators. https://www.doityourself.com/forum/showgroups.php
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All the workers you see online here are the moderators..... from forum to super mods. A name change can only be performed by an admin. There are many in that list that Furd posted a link to but most are no longer active. We have a temporary acting administrator but he doesn't have a PM address here that I'm aware of. This thread will be closed but your request is being forwarded and a contact name will be provided to you shortly.

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