What's yours?


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What's yours?

In my 2 trips to HD this weekend, I overheard 2 different conversations that actually made me smile. Who has similar?

1st, Paint dept...30's ish man talking to young teenage boy..."Oh, we'll just get this color off the shelf. It's close enough that your Mom won't know the difference...".

2nd, Loading area...Younger guy (who seemed a little, shall we say, amped up?), to old guy who had obviously paid for everything after loading what looked to be about 10 sheets of sheetrock and a 5 gal bucket of compound in a pickup with the tailgate down..."Nawww, we don't need to tie it off...it's not going anywhere...".

Made my day both times...first with a knowing grin, second with a shake of the head.
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Congratulations on holding your breath !

I don't imagine you drove off behind the pick-up.
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Just saw one of those untied loads of plywood in a truck bed last week. Also saw them scattered across two lanes of traffic when he hit the gas and pulled out.
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"Here, hold my beer...." .
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Two 6 packs( wrapped) of 12 ft molding tied to the top of a Lexus car. It was a sight to see. They turned in front of me out of depot.. I followed for a brief time until I couldn't take it that they were going 35 mph in a 55 zone.. Tie ropes through the windows and all..

I guess with the Lexus they cant afford to rent the truck depot has for 19.99$
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I see this nearly every day. Today a lady comes into the store. As luck would have it, I'm available. First she ask if I would pray for her? (No lie, her exact words). I said sure why not? (What went through my head was " I think you're gonna need it"!) She wants to attach two pieces of metal together, apparently the existing fastener got lost. She won't tell me what kind of bolt, screw, rivet or whatever was originally holding them together. She won't tell me what it is she is trying to repair. She randomly picks up a 3/8 carriage bolt and asked how to hold the head to screw it on. I try to tell her it doesn't work that way, that a carriage bolts need a square hole to hold the head or at least a round hole that will hold the square shank in place. I would've gotten a better reaction from a door knob! Then she wants a nut with the plastic thing in it so it won't come loose. I say a nylock. She again says with the plastic insert. Then she wants washers and lock washers. Still wants the carriage bolt. I ask how she is going to hold it. She won't answer me. At this point I sell the $1.94 worth of items and walk away. Yes, I will pray for her, and myself.

Earlier in the day my manger enters the office asked me to please shoot him. He got caught by a lady who made him spend 15 minutes trying to get exactly $30 in purchases in order to qualify for a $10 coupon against that same purchase.

They breed and walk among us.

If I was to record all the crazies who walk in the store I could have a forum just for that purpose.
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And still people wonder why I don't want to even leave the house.
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I saw a guy load an SUV with some 2x4s, closed the hatch & pushed the wood right through the windshield. I wonder if he had glass coverage.
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While leaving a local big box one day, I saw a little BMW sedan with what had to be about 8 feet of angle iron sticking forward out of the passenger window. It looked like he was ready to go jousting. As scared as I was, I can't imagine being a pedestrian seeing him coming.
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Yeah, I've seen that with lumber. If the free end catches a tree, telephone pole, or sign the driver's going to get decapitated.
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I live off a numbered highway about equidistant from two populated townships big enough to have a furniture store . . . . maybe 32-35 miles in either direction, and we have fairly un-predictable weather patterns.

So I enjoy watching cars, especially sedans, with new mattresses and/or box springs loosely strapped to their roofs and traveling by me with all of their protective plastic wrapping in shreds, and the non-aerodynamic mattresses flapping endlessly in the breeze, up and down, relaxing to a normal shape only when they slowed down to less than 20 MPH, often curved upwards at over 45, catching the rain and getting saturated, and me thinking to myself "Boy, I hope the sale price was worth it !"

Some of the cars are going north, and some are going south . . . . all I know is that nobody involved is traveling a short distance !

The last time I bought these items, the retailer was willing to deliver them "dry" and took away the old ones that they were replacing . . . . that was a service well worth paying for.

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