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I swear sometimes I think I work in a Walmart!

Today we had our big snowstorm. Lake effect snow dumped between 1 to 15 inches depending where you are. In my store area we had about 6 inches. Blustery and cold.

So, not just one or two but three guys walk in wearing shorts! Seriously? And one guy comes in wearing pajama bottoms!

Then this one jerk literately parks his car smack in front of the entrance door.

And not to be outdone, I decided I could try to unload a semi with the tow motor in an area not plowed. The truck could not make the slight incline to the bay door. I said "What's the worst that could happen"? We both said that I would get stuck! And yes I got stuck on ice! AND the tow motor ran out of fuel in the middle of it all.
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Sometimes I'll set on the bench at Walmart waiting on my wife to finish shopping. You'd be amazed at how differently people dress. Say it's a 50 degrees, you'll see folks in short pants/shirts walk thru the door along with those that are bundled up for a blizzard.

Not sure how it is elsewhere but locally every time they forecast snow folks flock to the stores to buy all the milk and bread. I've never understood anyone not having a decent supply of food on hand.
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Ah yes, remember it well. First job was at a supermarket in East Aurora, Norm. As bad as it is offloading a truck in the wintertime, we only had hand pallet jacks, nothing with power - 2 guys push, one pulls. Even worse was retrieving carts from the parking lot. You couldn't push them, you had to pull them - one at a time.

Somewhere there is a manual that instructs people to stock up on milk, eggs and bread when ever the weatherman says a storm is coming. Never understood it, but it happens all the time. We had a hurricane coming our way. It was 2 days out so I decided to get some supplies just in case. Got to the store - not a drop of bottled water left, isles were bare and I had to get creative. Bought a Brita water filter, some spam (I think I still have one can left from 2003) and a few other things to get me by. Granted we lost power for 2 weeks and it was my first such type of storm, Still to this day, any talk of a storm (wind or snow) sends people to the market.
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So what is wrong with shorts?

I live in MI and wear shorts all year, cold doesn't bother me, hate wearing long pants.

The day I retire I'm never wearing a pair of pants for anything!!!
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Marq, I used to be like you, shorts and short sleeves year round. Then the doctor started cranking my sugar down, still not where they want it, but I freeze in any type of cold weather. If I treat myself to some desert or a lot of carbs and spike my sugar level suddenly I'm back to being warm all over. Freeze and maybe live longer or enjoy life and go when I'm called, he!! of a choice.

Norm, arrived at work and had to argue with the tenant next door to find his customer who parked with his bumper against my front (only) door (out swing). But fortunately, the good have outnumbered the bad.

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I normally have some food in the pantry but for the last several months I have waited until the absolute last moment to go to the grocery store. More often as not it is the lack of cat food that makes me go.

I went to the optometrist Wednesday and ended up being there for about 2-1/2 hours. I had somewhat planned on stopping at one store on the way home and I stopped at the restaurant supply where I bought about $130 worth. Then, after about 9:30 at night I went to Winco where I spent another $130 or so. Still, I forgot to get more canned milk and that leaves with only three cans. I need other items as well but if I don't go out for another week I will be okay

As for the shorts sister's kid only wears long pants on rare occasions and my brother's kid is the same. I NEVER wear shorts. When I last went to southern California I could not believe the number of people that were dressed for a visit to Antarctica. Takes all kinds to make the world go round.
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I used to wear shorts year round. I hate wearing long pants, socks and sometimes even shoes. Unfortunately, like Bud, meds have changed my metabolism. I still wear shorts but I can't hack it all winter. I only wear socks when my wife nags me.

For a hoot Google "People of Walmart"
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some spam (I think I still have one can left from 2003)
Mmmmmm aged SPAM...what a delicacy. You could probably get a bunch for it in

I used to wear shorts a lot more than I do now. Once the temps start dropping drastically when the sun goes down (we only have 2 seasons it seems), I just can't deal with it as well as when I had lots of "antifreeze" in my body and an extra 60 lbs of insulation. So now, about this time of year, I switch from my jean and cammie cargo shorts with a t-shirt, to my winter uniform of jean and cammie cargo pants with a t-shirt and long sleeve pullover shirt . Grey ballcap with cammies, cammie ballcap with jeans either season. Wouldn't wanna confuse the neighbors too much, ya know.

Speaking of pants...anyone ever wear Riggs workwear?

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