stuck drill bit again


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stuck drill bit again

A bit of a twist (no pun intended) on the stuck drill bit problem.I have an older model Milwaukee 1/2" hammer
drill. There's a 1/2" masonry bit jammed in the chuck. The chuck end of the bit is mushroomed as a result of
hitting it with a hammer (doh!!). With chuck fully open, bit will wobble but won't come out.
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Put the bit in a vice and and move it around while pulling on the drill to see it it comes out if not tap on the chuck opened to the max with a rubber mallet.
Hope you learned to never hit a masonry bit with a hammer, and never use a mushroomed out bit in a chuck.
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Your description is confusing. If the mushroom existed before chucking the bit, then you should be able to remove the bit by loosening the chuck. If the mushroom was created while the bit was in the chuck (motor running and chuck jaws not tight) that is a different scenario. If the latter, call Milwaukee Tools and get instructions for removing and disassembling chuck. Good luck.

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