So why are you on line this Holiday New Years Eve?


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So why are you on line this Holiday New Years Eve?

For me, it's because I'm not working and I'm staying out of the Mrs's way (as I do every Holiday, party or whatever). Tonight is our traditional open house for friends and neighbors and relatives. We have an open house with a come and go as you please invite. Come, eat, talk, go, come back later and eat some more.

I'm also making lots of 3-D printer items that I've been putting off.

In between time I'm monitoring and participating on our form.

And just to make it comfortable I have a hot cup of coffee and big band swing music in the back ground! I'm a happy camper!
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I've got nothing better to do and it's too cold to go out!
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To me it's just a force of habit. I do like to cook though and I like people to enjoy it. I just finished cooking Talapia and shrimp fried rice, later maybe tri-tip.
My neighbor has an outdoor kitchen so who knows what he will cook and serve but I know it will be good.

New Years to me is not a night to go out on the town.
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I'm installing a stereo in the truck (though I should be replacing the timing belt) and cleaning the garage, so I'm in and out. No celebration, hope to be asleep by the time the guns start going off. (Firecrackers are illegal in the City limits)

We always used to call New Years, "amateur night". Even when I/we did anything, it was either home, or a hotel.

I've never been much on ANY holiday...I was at sea for so many of them, they were just another day with better food.
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It's probably been 40 yrs since I've partied on new years eve ..... but then I've probably worked more new years days than I've had off. I must have been sleeping pretty good at midnight as I didn't hear any fireworks or gunshots.

Vic, installing a stereo when you need a timing belt ??? sounds like something a kid would do .... working on your 2nd childhood
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Currently -12 so I'm waiting for +5 for today's high. I'll hit a couple of box stores assuming they are open. Watched Patriots last night and fell asleep early, as usual. Party days are only memories.

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I'm waking up to a -7 here in West Seneca, NY. Have to go to work in half an hour. Hope the car starts.
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I have the same excuse as many of you do --- too cold to go out (woke up to -7 this morning) and too old to be invited to any of the "cool" parties! It was too cold at midnight for the usual suspects to set off their fireworks, etc. Plus, I woke up every hour or two, to run the kitchen faucet a bit, to make sure it didn't freeze up. Ah, holidays!

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