MLK waste of a good day for work


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MLK waste of a good day for work

MLK day should be a full work day for all. Its not a good enough reason to shut down markets. We are not French. The markets in NYC should be open tomorrow.
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2 words. Bank... holiday.

Why else would we make fun of places for having bankers' hours.
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I'm working, and there are less drivers on the road. Win-win for me.
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I always thought that most holidays were just for bankers and gov't employees.
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I have no objections to the observance and honoring of Dr. King. What I DO object to was how they combined Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays in February into one generic "President's Day" in order to avoid adding an additional Federal holiday to the calendar. It waters down and detracts from the legacy of these two pillars of America and makes it sound like it also includes Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Clinton, et al. I put my flag out on the birthdays and not on this made-up holiday.
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Well we do still celebrate two (2) Birthdays: Jesus Christ and Martin Luther KIng . . . . or should the order be reversed ?
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Why is anyone complaining about a day off? I had to work yesterday and I would have been happier if it had been a day off for me.
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I might as well have taken it off- one paying call.

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