super glue and baking soda


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super glue and baking soda

does the baking soda on superglue trick work with 10 year old baking soda tht has been open that long..??
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There's a trick with super glue and baking soda?
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The baking soda acts as a filler. I don't think the age will affect it.

You posted in the wood/furniture area.
You're not using superglue on wood...... correct ?

There a few videos about it on you tube.
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Yes, as far as I know the age of the baking soda doesn't matter. Mine is so old I have no idea how old it is. You don't want to use old cyanoacrylate though as it does have a shelf life. Many bottles have an expiration date.
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It's just a filler that gives a repair some body & gap-filling ability, so the open box in your fridge is fine. You could also use plaster, diatomaceous earth or a product model builders use called "Micro Balloons".

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