what a day


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what a day

Thought I'd have an easy day today. I pulled the panhard bar off on my truck yesterday and all I had to do today was go to AutoZone, get new bushings and put it back together. Then the phone rang - my stepson had a water leak so I spent most of the morning taking care of that [or so I thought] Got home with the new bushings and the old spacers wouldn't come off, wound up using a torch. Then I found out why one of the bolts didn't have a cotter pin - it was rusted and broke off. Finally ready to put it back on and somehow it was a 1/4" too short to easily go back on. After jacking both front tires up and loosening the hanger I finally got it to go on.

Rough day over ..... not so fast stepson called and said it was leaking again Go back over there and to keep from doing a lot of digging I opted to clean that joint and reglue it - it didn't hold. I was too tired to do more so I guess I'll go back over there in the morning,
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Somehow Murphy has a way of knowing when you're having a bad day because he likes to show up and make it worse.
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Ya, I'm well acquainted with Murphy
One day you might read about me in the paper when I shoot him dead
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And yet Murphy was an optimist!

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