Afraid to Buy Towels!


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Afraid to Buy Towels!

I wish pictures had been taken, because these problems with new towels
is something I've never experienced before.

I purchased and returned bath towels in Walmart and Target. In both cases
they were the higher priced towels. The Walmart towels unraveled in my
washer, like a huge ball of twine! It was a three or four hour job cleaning
out thousands of fabric threads. I thought my washer had been destroyed.

The Target towels washed ok. I ran them through one full dryer cycle. When
I opened the door baseball size blobs of lint dropped onto the floor! The lint
screen could not handle the massive load of lint. I used a shop-vac to clean
out the dryer. I let the dryer run through several cycles on the "no heat" setting,
hoping the volume of lint would decrease. It did not. These towels seemed to
be disintegrating in the dryer!

I've been buying towels for several decades. All cotton towels produce lint in
the dryer. That's completely normal. What happened to me in Walmart and
Target is not normal, to say the least!

I cannot spend several hundred dollars on towels. I need to find moderately
priced bath towels that will wash and dry normally. Please help me.
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I'm no laundry expert, but what settings did you use for washing and drying the towels? Maybe you need to wash and dry them on gentler cycles? I don't know if that would have much impact.
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I've noticed similar but not to that extent. It's like the yarns/threads used pull out much easier and seem to lint very heavily. I probably have the same type from WM as you...not their top of the line..but more than I normally like to spend. SHE wanted new towels. Like the 15 y/o ones we had were somehow going bad? I liked 'em. Nice and heavy and thick. I don't like soft towels!

So I just looked, the WM were the Better Homes and Gardens about $14-16 for the "bath sheet"? Some of my older ones are Martex (who also make cheap ones) their midrange I imagine. Those are at JCP. Also have some Fieldcrest.

My favorites have the tags removed...but I think that company may be out of business. Got them at an outlet store one wife ago...yeah, they may be a bit frayed on the edges...but the actual drying part is still just fine. Wish I could remember the name.
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I don't know what she pays for them but I doubt my wife buys the more expensive ones at walmart and we've not experienced any issues with them. Like Vic, I think she replaces them sooner than need be but then she also has towels hanging in the kitchen and bath that aren't to be used
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We've gotten a large amount of lint frequently with brand new towels and blankets. It has always gone down to a normal level after a few washings. Unraveling though I would return the towels.
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Yeah, the lint problem's been pretty bad in new towels. Must be the manufacturing process or how the fabric's being weaved maybe.
I've not seen the unraveling, but that would be a major defect and they should be returned.
Otherwise, I've been pausing the dryer at 15 minute intervals and removing the lint a bunch at a time. It does lesson with repeated washings.
Don't know why this is allowed to happen. There's no quality control anymore!
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Posts: 433 might have something you are looking for. I get my kitchen towels from them and other than the lint on the first washing they are working out well.

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