Ticks already!


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Ticks already!

Last year was a banner year for ticks in my area. I don't know if it was the weather or something else but we saw more ticks last year than ever before.

Last week we had a couple of warm days (low 60s) and taking advantage of the great weather we went for a hike in the woods behind the house. The day after my wife found a tick embedded behind her knee. I removed it but the next morning the area was red and swollen. She's now doing antibiotics. We no longer wait for symptoms but go straight to the Dr. They no longer bother testing for Lyme (wife has been diagnosed twice before) but go straight to the antibiotics.

I have never seen a tick in CT during the winter. I hope that isn't a sign of things to come this spring.
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From what I have read they can be active all the way into very cold weather so stands to reason they can come out early.

My area is also bad and I have been treated as well. Each year I have increased my spraying but have two dogs so can't go too crazy. I keep the perimeter of their fence well sprayed on the outside but have discovered that birds can carry the ticks into the yard, along with mice.

A new approach this year will be tubes filled with treated nesting material for the mice and a bird feeder well outside of the puppies area with a treated fuzzy piece they will rub up against when feeding.



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