Just when you thought you've heard everything....


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Just when you thought you've heard everything....

Conversation between my tow buddy and a potential customer:

Tower: Towing, how can I help you.
Caller: Hi, yes, how much to tow a Nissan xxxxx from **** to **** [distance of about 190 miles].
Tower: That would be $625.
Caller: OH!......well, would you rent me your truck?

True story.
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That's funny!
I used to run a small job shop, (machine shop that worked on anything that came through through door.)
Lady called and asked do you weld car frames?
Yes we do.
How much does it cost?
Thinking this was a joke I told her to hold the phone closer to the frame so I could see it, keep in mind this was long before phones with cameras.
She says hold on a min. while I walk outside.
Second call once again from a lady stating the hole in my rear end is to small can you ream it out, I hung up thinking it's a prank call. She calls back again and repeats what she said the first time.
Thinking it's the owners wife pulling a joke I told her sure we can do that bring your butt down here and we will ream it out.
Lady shows up, and what here issue was the reciever on her hitch was to small for a 2" ball.

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