How many databases are you in?


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How many databases are you in?

Years ago I joined Facebook. I quit a couple of years later after several of my Facebook friends passed away in a period of just a couple of months. It was a tough time and I didn't want to see their Facebook pages anymore. I checked and they are still on FB.

I still get 3 or 4 e-mails a week from 3 of the deceased (all dead at least 5 years). The only on line connection I had with any of them was through Facebook. I'm assuming that whomever (all different addresses using the screen name of the deceased) is sending me these e-mails got my address through a Facebook database.

Hence my reservation about getting my information added to another database "are you in our system?" waiting to be hacked or sold. See the Venting forum, rant #1.
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I think it would be pretty difficult to keep your name/info out of the data bases. I've been retired for a long time but marksr painting still gets mail every month. Just last month my wife got an extended warranty offer for the car she sold almost a year and a half ago. When I checked my son's mail today there was junk mail addressed to a girl that hasn't lived there in 15 yrs.
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I'n not a Facebooker, never have been or will be, but I'm sure I'm in lots of others.
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Do you're in a db. Have you registered a car...db. Magazine subscription...db. Own a home...db. Credit of any sort...db. Military service...db. Bank account...db. Mailing address...db. Life insurance...db. Oh i could go on for hours...but gotta go buy pipe cleaners and a humidifier

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I have an anonymous "personal" FB page that I never, ever post on cause no one knows who it is. But because of the info people put on FB, its easy to look up people for various reasons.
I do have a business FB page though, but only business info gets posted. I dont post funny stuff or share stuff or my opinions etc. Its strictly for my business.

When we bought this house last July, we moved in two weeks later in August. When I got here, I already had junk mail from DAV soliciting for donations. Correct name, address, everything..... before I ever moved in.
The only place they could have gotten that info that fast was through the financial institution where we financed the house. It just goes to show you........
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Unless you have something to hide, then I think its all academic. Since the days of the phone book any body can get your information if they really want it. Never bothers me.

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