Deodorant/antiperspirant stain removal


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Post Deodorant/antiperspirant stain removal

Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove deodorant/anti-perspirant
from clothes? After a time it builds up in the under arm area and
seems impossible to remove easily if at all.
Most products claim to be non staining but obviously are not,
especially the solid stick form.
Actually I have found that turpentine will dissolve the stuff but
it is hardly a safe substance for the user or the clothes!
So what does dissolve these anti-perspirants?
Manufacturers - fess up!!!
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Anti-Perspirant Stain Removal- Whink Rust Stain Remover


I have tried many methods to remove Anti-Perspirant/Sweat/Deodorant stains from my clothing. Absolutely the only thing that has ever worked is Whink Rust Stain Remover. I have only used it on white cotton and cotton/poly T-shirts and dress shirts to date. I soak the stain and let it rest for 30 minutes before washing. Caution: This is a very toxic chemical and I always use kitchen gloves when handling it. I don't know if it would bleach out colored clothes or not.

The results can be amazing, but very thick or large stains can take more than one treatment.
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It seems to me that detergent with baking soda tends to take care of these types of things.
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I'm curious as to why someone is answering a post that's almost 7 years old and how did you even find it???
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you would be amazed how many people find these older posts and make replies. I have also seen many people see those answers like you did and make use of them. if you look at the bottom of the forum, depending on how your view is set, flip thru the pages of posts. They are all there...just have to back back awhile.
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Yes, I often search the archives when I'm looking to find an answer, but I've never searched or looked thru very old posts in order to reply to one. That's where my confusion lies.
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Happens quite a bit, I've noticed it's always a newer member - us old timers just don't go back to those posts anymore.
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shadeladie: jpdean was probably just perusing the old posts, either for fun or in search of other related info, when s/he happened upon this unanswered question. s/he had an answer, so s/he posted it. even though the OP has probably solved their problem long ago, a good answer is still good info, and may help someone with the same problem today.

replying with an answer or additional advice to old posts is perfectly fine. if you're ever REALLY bored, i would encourage you to look thru old posts for ones that have gone unanswered, and if you have an answer, post it.

what is pointless, however, is posting a follow-up question directed to the OP of a really old thread, as they probably won't be returning to answer it!

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