slim jim


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slim jim

I used to run a tow truck and often had to use a "slim jim" ( tool to open doors after you have locked your keys in) to open locked doors but i no longer am in the business but i often see people stranded and locked out or trying to use a coat hanger to get in and i feel sorry for them and try to help.
Is it illegal for me to own and carry in my car and use a " slim jim" or other door opening devices?
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Is it legal to carry lock picks? As i understand it:

This depends on where you are. In the U.S. the common case seems to be that it is legal to carry potential "burglar tools" such as keys,picks, crowbars, jacks, bricks, etc., but use of such tools to commit a crime is a crime in itself. Call your local library, district
attorney, or police department to be sure.

Places where it *is* illegal to carry lock picks:

The District of Columbia.
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Slim jim

Depending on where you live, if you get pulled over by the police you might get into trouble if you have a slim jim. Another thought is if you stop to help someone who appears to be locked out of a car, how do you know if they are the owner of the car and not a car jacker?
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Don't bother; 99% of the cars on the road today can't be opened with a slim-jim anyway. Unless you're planning on investing in a $100 lock-out kit (and getting training on how to use the dozen or so different tools) the chances of you being to get someone in their car is slim (pardon the pun). Add to that the possibility of doing damage to either (a) wiring in the door panel for windows, locks, speakers, etc, or (b) side-impact airbags and the LEAST of your worries will be if some cop sees you with a slim-jim.

We carry slim-jims and SOME lock-out tools, but they are strictly for REAL emergencies; we do not do routine lock-outs for the reasons mentioned above. Otherwise we refer customers to a locksmith.

Here's the disclaimer that accompanies the lock-out tools where we get our towing products:

"WARNING! These tools are not sold or advertised to the general public. In accordance with federal law we sell only to locksmiths, auto repossessors, new and used car dealers and professional auto mechanics. It is the responsibility of the owner of these tools that they be used in accordance with your state and local laws."
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windshield VIN and nearby dealership are all you need, get a new key made. -Josh
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not true,,,,,
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I thought that was a little questionable, but didn't want to be the first to speak up.

Would make it awfully easy for car thieves, wouldn't it?????
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yep, at least, smart car theives.

wont work on mercedes, their keys have to be ordered and take a long while to come in. THere was a big debacle on the local news about protecting your car, where they took VINS from random volunteer cars, and had new keys made.

Best to cover the VIN with a piece of paper so people cant read it. -Josh
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Just a little note

You can use a vin to get a dealer to make an extra key. However, proof of ownership of the vehichle and identification is required before they will make one. This is to prevent theves from making anykey to any car they want.
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chip keys have to be programmed.
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Guys, you're posting to a three year old thread.
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Check with a lawyer

You need to consult a local lawyer familiar with the laws of your state, county, township etc.

Good Luck.

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