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LVNV Funding Sending letters through lawyers. What to do

LVNV Funding Sending letters through lawyers. What to do


Old 10-02-05, 08:29 PM
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LVNV Funding Sending letters through lawyers. What to do

I need some advice on how to proceed. I sent LVNV a debt validation letter over a month ago. Now I have received a letter from some law firm that claims to be representing LVNV in that dispute and now they want me to send a letter disputing the validity of this claim within 30 days or they will assume that this debt is mine. What exactly is going on here and what should my next course of action should be. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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Old 10-02-05, 09:57 PM
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You should send them a copy of the letter and the certified mail receipt showing that they received it. They didn't respond to your request, which under the fair debt collection practices act, they have to. Expect places like this to be scum, ignore the laws and act like crooks. Document everything, do it all in writing and remember to send everything certified mail. When you get the "law firm" (probably just an office down the hall) talking about this, mention how they ignored your legal request for validation and consider offering a VERY low dollar settlement---IF this is legit when you get your proof. Get every promise from them in writing, or consider it to be BS.
Old 02-25-07, 07:13 PM
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This is happening with me as well

I just received a letter from Eskanos and Adler saying I owed LVNV almost 3K. I have no idea what this is for. What are the steps I take? They want me to send them my response in 30 days to dispute it, but I have no idea who the original creditor is or if this is the original creditor.

Also, what is the law regarding garnishing wages by a collector? Right now, I was recently laid off (twice in 4 years due to mergers - my luck) and have no way of paying if it is a legit amount, so can they garnish unemployment?

Old 02-26-07, 10:25 AM
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Welcome to the DoItYourself.com forums sweetface

Your unemployment wages cannot be garnished. Even though this is true, you may still would like to look further into what is going on here. You may ask for in writing proof of who the original creditor was. Just as Family Guy stated above, do so in writing and send it out via certified mail w/in the 30 days.

Taking no action can lead to a judgment. If you do find out you do owe money, I'm sure Eskanos & Adler will work out a payment plan for you based on what you can afford, if anything.
Old 01-24-08, 03:40 PM
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I need some advice i received a letter from an attorney hired by LVNV FUNDING LLC. I do owe the amount trying to be collected but i can not pay it in whole and i want to make payments but i am not sure on how to go about that. I am afraid i might get pressured into some agreement i cant afford. i need to know if the law firm can work out payments or if i should try and contact LVNV which i have no info for or will payments not be considered i owe about 3000 Thank You
Old 01-24-08, 03:48 PM
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Welcome to the DoItYourself.com forums

The only way you will know is by asking them and telling them of your situation. What does the letter say? To contact them? How much can you afford? They may try and wheel and deal with you but they WANT to get paid so I'm sure they'll agree to something. You have to call them and tell them though. It can be pressuring but don't give in if you can't do it! Just KNOW what you CAN afford and don't agree to anything else. Make sure once YOU agree to it and it sounds good to you (and obviously to them...) have them send you the agreement in writing.
Old 01-25-08, 02:30 AM
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And, you should know a little about your states laws.

LVNV Funding purchases debt from lenders that have exhausted their efforts to collect for one reason or another. Many times the original debtor has moved and the lender simply can no longer locate them. Often, collection companies such as LVNV send letters such as this to persons with similar names or addresses in the hopes that they get lucky and accidentally find someone. Always, always respond with a standard denial and request proof of the debt and the name of the original debtor along with proof of who they think you are based on their information. Never, NEVER give them your SSN and let them verify it is you that owes the debt. Always make them give YOU your SSN to prove that they located the right person.

Know your state's statute of limitations on various types of debts, especially the type they are alleging that you owe. Often, a collection agency will not get the debt until well after the statutes have run. I'm not suggesting that you NOT pay what you owe, just that you may be in a position that they may not legally be capable of suing you for the debt if you refuse to pay.

Also, know if your state has a 'debtors prison' where those that are successfully sued and do not pay the judgment actually get incarcerated. In some of these cases your spouse or estate must still pay the debt.

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