Patenting - by degrees


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Patenting - by degrees

Case: an item is non patentable due to public domain, commonality, etc..

Increment: unique design and process changes are introduced.

Do Non Disclosure Agreements or US Provisional Applications for Patents provide protection against infringement under the FAR? (Common good verses personal interest). If the common good prevails are recovery procedures the same?

Can patentability of the above item be created semantically? (Descriptive Adjective as Noun).

Assuming that a patent is granted to a broad legal convolution would the same be a limiting factor in infringement enforcement? (Whole or parts of). Defined as a whole... enforced as a whole... OR is enforcement limited to the unique portions?

Thank you for your time
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What you need to do is to talk with a Patent Attorney. Any information given here would not be a legal remendy for your questions. We could guess, but that would not help you. The best advice here is to go to an attorney. Good Luck
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You have asked a question far too specific to be answered by anyone other than an attorney specializing in patent law. Sorry.

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