Sue or not to sue. Need help!


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Sue or not to sue. Need help!

Hi everyone!

Here is the situation:

I live in a condo building on the 2nd floor. There are no apartments below me, just the lobby and around the lobby, parking lots. I was on vacation when water damage occured in my condo. In one closet, the water seemed to have come from the ceiling and that damaged my closet walls, it crawled out into my living room, soaking and damaging my carpet and the walls around the carpet. this may have happened few days ago because the carpet is still soaking wet. I asked the neighbors above me if they had any repairs done or whether they had tub or something overflowed. their answer was No. She even invited me inside her apartment to show me that there was no sign of any work done in her bathroom, etc. however, when i went there, I surely saw a KILZ brand primer in her bathroom which is close to my condo's closet. problem is I was not there when this occurred and i don't know what to do and whetehr I sue, but I need more answers. Any help?
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Not saying you can't sue, but you will have to prove where the water came from. This will probably mean tearing out some ceiling near where the water entered your condo. If you have insurance, use it. Just be sure to have whoever does the work verify (pictures and all) where the leak originated. I am not an attorney but I don't think the other condo owner has to "know" there was a leak in order for them to be liable for damages caused by it. Good luck and watch this post for the expert answers.
By the way, if you use your insurance company, they will also want to know where the leak came from and will sometimes pursue the matter for you since it cost them money.
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The first thing I think I would do is call the condo maintenance department and complain about a leak. Let them try and find it. Then you wil have some backup evidence/witnesses to use how you wish.

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