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obtaining a peace bond, threatened by stranger

obtaining a peace bond, threatened by stranger


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obtaining a peace bond, threatened by stranger

Yesterday, while at home with my boyfriend, a man whom is an aquaintance of someone I used to work with showed up in the front yard. without any provication, this man (I do not know the individual's name) began yelling horrible violent and physically threating statements. Also, impicating me in some dilutional conspiracy to pay someone to kill him. I have had humiliating experiences with the police where I live and want to file a peace bond myself but, as I said, don't know his name and the original mutual friend is M.I.A. Does anyone know. How to file a peace bond or what the criteria requirements to do so are?

Thank you in advance

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Old 07-29-06, 12:20 AM
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Peace Bond

Many areas no longer have a Justice of the Peace. You have to go to a Justice of the Peace to get a Peace Bond. Typically, these can last up to 12 months and the abuser or stalker has to sign the bond. If he refuses, he can be jailed for up to 12 months.

If you have a Justice of the Peace, then you need to check the local laws with him. If you file for a Peace Bond, you and the abuser/stalker will have to appear in court. You will have to provide documentation of incidents, provide evidence of any injury to you (hospital records, pictures of injuries, etc.) and damage to your property (pictures, invoices for repairs, etc.) The other person can deny your claims. The Justice of the Peace will determine whether or not a Peace Bond should be issued.

If a Bond is issued, keep a copy of the Bond with you at all times. If the other person comes near you, call 911.
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Is a peace bond the same as a restraining order?
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Originally Posted by gorth97
Is a peace bond the same as a restraining order?

Similiar, I think. At any rate I don't know how you could get any type of court order without identifing the other party.
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And, 20/20 hindsight, you should have dialed 911 as soon as the incident began.
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jackson100, where are you located? Just a thought but since you know the man that is the acquaintance of someone you used to work with, apparently you should be able to find out who that man is exactly right?

Here's more info about peace bonds


Hope all goes well.

And for the rest of you guys Marksr and gorth...just so you know, if you're still curious...through reading that information I take it a peace bond is for criminal cases and a restraining order is for civil cases.
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Restraining orders usually apply to domestic violence and abuse. State laws clearly define who falls within the definition of domestic violence. In Kentucky these are DVPs (Domestic Violence Protection Orders) and EPOs (Emergency Protection Orders). Kentucky law defines a current or former spouse, parents or stepparents of your child, your parents, your child or stepchild, someone related to you by blood or marriage in the second degree, someone you live with as a couple or have lived with as a couple, and someone you have had a child with for identification purposes and inclusion in protective orders.

For civil harassment by an individual that does not fall within the criteria of domestic violence, individual states have different procedures.

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