suspect lawyer of sabatoge


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suspect lawyer of sabatoge

I suspect an attorney involved in a probate case I'm involved with of sabatoge in an effort to manipulate the case toward a Partition Action which would be mess for the family, and then public auction, so indirectly he can purchase the property. I'm not prone to paranoia, but have witnessed some very strange behavior, conflicting stories, disappearing documents, etc. Assuming I'm not delusional, what is the best way to approach this?. Changing attorneys is out of the question at this point, so if this is in fact happening would getting the message to the suspect lawyer be enough to make then stop, or maybe a direct confrontration which will have horrible ramifications if the suspicions are unfounded. We don't want to sit and do nothing, but are afrraid to speak up. Any advice? Anyone heard of something like this happening? Is it possible for the lawyer to sabatoge a case and end up with your property without leaving a paper trail?
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Afraid to speak up??

Your attorney works for you and is accountable to you. I find that a general "face to face" is usually good enough to clear up misconceptions. You don't have to be confrontational - simply ask the questions you've got to ask - and note the responses - asking more questions if the answers generate more suspicions in your mind.

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