police record? unofficial record?


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police record? unofficial record?

Well, I got pulled over and hassled the other day for suspcted DUI (because I 'drifted to the right side of my lane, then jerked back to the center').
I Hadnt had anything to drink. And did not get any tickets. However, it made me wonder what happens when the cops check you out. Does it go on your record that they ran a check on your drivers license?

I heard from a friend that you get a little check next to your name, each time that you deal with the police, even if there are no tickets or charges. I was wondering if this is true, and although they might see the checks and hastle you extra, is there anything legally that they could use against you in the future.

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While I don't know how it works, they certainly can tell if you've been stopped recently, based on what I've heard on police scanners over the years.

If you get stopped for speeding and let off with a warning and get stopped again later that day, they can see that you have been stopped already and will of course give you a ticket for this time.

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