How Long to Negotiate


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How Long to Negotiate

Regarding my earlier posts (probate): I'm at the point of making an offer for my family's property (brother and sister are selling their two thirds share). If they consider the offer too low, can they call off any further talk about price and move on to a partition action? I thought we would be able to negotiate in the true sense of the word, i.e. I make an offer, they come back with a counter, then i make one more, until we agree. What are the rules about negotiation, if there are any, and if they think my first and only offer is too low do they have the right to not counter the offer and not accept any further offers from me? (My offer isn't too low, by the way, just not as high as they would like I think). cmgith
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Don't know if the probate part has any bearing. I do know that, negotiations on the sale of a property have no set rules. If someone makes an offer on my property (I buy/sell a lot), I can counter or reject at any time during the process - for any reason I deem appropriate.

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