Tenant lied on application


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Tenant lied on application

I received an offer from a prospective tenant to pay an entire year's lease up front. This seemed like a good offer to me, so I had basically decided I would rent to this tenant (before I had checked her background). I was, however, uncomfortable with the fact that she was unable to provide proof of income/employment, but dismissed this as she "claimed" to be a self-employed model.

As I started checking into her background, however, it seems that she falsely represented her occupation on the application. On her application, she stated she is a model...however after digging deeper, I discovered that she is actually an exotic dancer.

I don't feel entirely comfortable renting to her based on this new information. Not only did she fail to disclose her true occupation, but I'm concerned about the type of personal lifestyle she might lead and what might occur in the confines my property.

Based on the above, what would you advise? Should the fact that she wants to pay the whole year in advance be enough to counter my concerns that she lied about her occupation? Assuming her credit report is okay, is my discomfort with the entire situation grounds to deny her application? ...Or am I being discriminatory?
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Depends somwhat I suppose on the rental market. How long has the unit been unoccupied and what are your other prospects to fill it?

I think you may be leaping to the conclusion that exotic dancer = prostitute.

I would certainly ask her stright out why she said "model" instead of dancer or exotic dancer; her answer may be enlightening.

With proper wording on the lease contract I think you could maybe protect yourself from any unsavory conduct.

Will be interested to see what the rental property members like slumlordfrank have to say on the topic
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If someone came to me and wanted to pay the entire years rent up front, that would raise all kinds of red flags for me. People just plain don't do that unless there is a real problem, at least not in my experience. Frankly, her job wouldn't matter to me. I would be more concerned about what her credit report, criminal history, etc.' etc. looked like.

I once had someone once offer to pay 3 months up front because she said she had some bad credit in her past. Upon doing some checking, I found out she also had FOUR unlawful detainers; and this girl was only in her mid 20's!

If I were you, I would be doing a lot of checking. And if you do decide to rent to her, do NOT, under any circumstances, let her move in til you have the money and the check has had enough time to clear the bank. Once a tenant is in, it can be very costly to get them out.
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The lie about her occupation wouldn't worry me none - she might be embarrassed to let everyone know what she does for a living.

I would be concerned about her reason for paying a year up front. It might mean she doesn't want a landlord coming around and checking up on the place - or she might have a good sensible reason. I'd be more concerned about what might happen to my property than what she does for money. Check with her previous landlords.
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She probably put 'model' to avoid the judgmental reaction you are now exhibiting.

She may want to pay the year up front because she has the money.

I once rented to a college student that paid 3 months at a time, because that's when he got his college money and he wanted to make sure that, if nothing else, his rent was paid and he had a place to live.
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towguy wrote; "I think you may be leaping to the conclusion that exotic dancer = prostitute"

Not to paint with too broad a brush, but that's not a rela long leap.

I'd make sure I had an IRONCLAD lease, not something that you picked up at Office Depot. Which means, NO OVERNIGHT guests for more than ?? nights in any 30 day period, the place is rented to her, and her only, etc, etc.

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It's been my experience that exotic dancers tend to be either great tenants or horrible ones, nothing in between. The hard part is figuring out which it will be for a particular person.
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Re:Tenant lied on application

This is ABSOLUTELY discrimination! You're discriminating based on employment and that is TOTALLY ILLEGAL!

What if she was a sewer worker? Would you say no because you'd worry that your house would get too smelly? For such people you could have got a legal Residential Lease Agreement form filled. Iíve got my form for my tenants from ezlandlordforms.com. You can also download the forms.

And-as for her not being honest-most exotic dancers are also models-so she's really not telling a lie.
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Judging whether to rent to someone based on their employment is not discrimination. I've been in the business long enough to know. You must take their employment into consideration to figure out if they can realistically afford the home they are planning to rent or if they make their living playing in a rock band, if they are a good choice to put in a multi family with elderly people, since there will more than likely be parties and noise. Just as an example. Your local scool would not hire a teacher that was a stripper and if they did the local community would be in outrage.

Alexander: This sounds silly, but if you are married or even have a girlfriend you may want to also get their honest opinion. I know my wife would not be comfortable with it.
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Fair housing

Actually, in some states, it is illegal to discriminate in housing based on source of income provided the income is legal. This is incorporated into state fair housing laws.
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I guess I better check into that. If I don't like what I see I can always come up with another reason.
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I say you treat her the way you would treat any other potential renter (regardless of whether she is willing to pay all up front). The instant you start to place more scrutiny on her, for whatever reason and start putting additional requirements in her lease, you are setting yourself up for a lawsuit (who would win is a different story). If there is anything of concern, it should show up when you do the checks that you do for everyone else. Basically, if you place any requirements in her lease, those same requirements should apply to all. Bottom line, if you impose the same requirements on her that you do everyone else and your decision is based on them, she would not have a legal foot to stand on.
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two questions, do you want too rent the place? does she have the money too pay it all up front? if the answer to both these is yes then what's your dang problem, rent to her, i would be more worried about people destroying my property than what she does for a living, maybe you could get her to give you a personal dance.................
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Strippers are not a protected class under the law like race, gender and religion. The government can not force you to rent to adults involved in the sex industry. But, 96% of exotic dancers are female and the refusal to rent on the grounds of your alleged knowledge that she is an exotic dancer engaged in the adult sex industry could be construed to be housing discrimination based on gender and/or occupation discrimination.

Many aspiring models and others support themselves as exotic dancers. Some do not drink or do drugs. They simply go to work and return home, but they must endure the stigma associated with their occupation.

Failure to be on the up and up about income and occupation may have been secondary to the stigma associated with the occupation of exotic dancer. A very carefully worded lease containing language regarding your expectations to give you an 'out' should you desire eviction could possibly put you at ease. As a landlord, you should familiarize yourself with your state's landlord tenant laws.
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lied on lease

Lieing on a lease may be a breach of a provisin of the lease. If so you can probably evict her following the procedures outlined in your state's Landlord Tenatn law.

Hire a good real estate attorney.

Good luck.

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