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Red face law

Hello all,
Black sheep here, I'm looking for info on name changes. Been divorced for 7 years now and am ready to go back to my maiden name. The kid's are older and to be truthful 3 of the 4 at home, would change their name also. Their sperm donor has lost all of their respect.
The only reason I didn't take back my maiden name when we divorced was the kid's. At that time all 5 were still at home, ages 16 to 1 1/2 years old. Now's the time to go forward. I figure I've gone by his name for way toooo lonnggg!!!! I prefer to use a very respectable name not one that is associated with disgrace, fornacation, theift, and drugs.
I wish that I had fought and got the divorce on the grounds of adultry, but all I could think of was getting out of that marriage, I'd put up with too much for way too long. 18 long terrible years.
Now does anyone know what all I have to do in the state of Ohio in order to go back to my maiden name.
I still have my original social security card in that name. Could it be as simple as just changing it with the BMV, ss, and my emloyer? Please say it's so!
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When I got divorced in fla in 1982 my wife wanted her maiden name back but the lawyers said it was another $50 which I didn't have. My main concern was getting custody of our 2 sons. Maybe our ex's were related I have many times wished I'd found the $.

I would assume that all states would require a name change be done in court. It may be possible to do it without a lawyer - I don't know.

I'd suggest either going to a lawyer or contacting the court to find out what you need to do.
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Going to court would be a good place to start.

Here's what I would do if I were in CA (wait...I am! ) and needed to do what you want to do:

And did you mean "DMV"?... vs. BMV?

BTW: Welcome to the forums
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My wife had to have her name changed because it was misspelled on her birth certificate... She went to the local county courthouse and did it herself - cost her little more than her time... Of course, it was up to her to update all the records around the country after it became official.
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Originally Posted by DIYaddict View Post
And did you mean "DMV"?... vs. BMV?

some states title it the Bureau of Motor Vehicles while others call it the Department of Motor Vehicles.

OP: google Ohio and then refine to "name change" there are doezens of sites that explain what you have to do. It seems it is quite simple but. The process also seems to be county specific so you can further efine your search using the name if your county.
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Smile law name change

I am not a domestic law lawyer but in Michigan I believe you have to petition the appropriate court and then publish in local newspaper for a certain period of time that you are requesting a name change.

The reason for jumping thru these hoops is to protect creditors from you ditching them.

Good luck.

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