Ticket: Incorrect spelling of last name


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Ticket: Incorrect spelling of last name

Today, I received a citation in the mail for tall grass that I had cut prior to receiving this citation. So the tall grass was no longer a problem, at least before I opened the letter. The name on the citation is close but not correct. I am hoping to just show this to the court and state the fact of the grass was cut prior to recieving the citation. This citation was written by the local code enforcement officer.
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In our area if you get it cut and call them they will reduce the ticket in half once. If you get a second ticket it's like $500 bucks.

I think just because they spelled your name wrong you will still be liable for it.
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My 2c, it's the address that matters, not the spelling of the name. It's your property, you're responsible, but since you've cut it, maybe they'll let you off with a warning - this time, but not because the name is incorrect, I don't think that will make a difference.
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If grass has is cut at citation address and according to code, you have no problem. Just keep the grass cut within citation limits. Everyone tends to report such properties.
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Ticket error

It's called "harmless error". Still totally enforcible by the court/magistrate.
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I see mention of a name misspell or something in your post, but not an overt suggestion of it as a defense. Mentioning it does insinuate such a thing, but I still don't see it actually lined out as a possible dodge to get out of this citation. That's good. Such tactics, to my mind, speak to a character issue. Too many folks are just looking for ways to worm out of consequences rather than simply modifying behavior to avoid future issues. You know your lawn has to be kept to a certain standard. The honorable thing to do is move or comply. If not, take your licks and be done with it.

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