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Question Inventions?

I think I may have an invention idea.I visited an invention company &they want to charge me a non refundable$760.00 just to research my idea& if successful another $205.00 for a patent. Is this a normal procedure or standard, Im really up in the air on this one. Is ther a better way of handling this? Anyone that has an opinion on this Id greatly appreciate it!Thanks!Confused
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Not sure about the invention area, I am leary any time someone promises nothing for a large sum of money, especially when they say after the first installment they will want more (do you think they will find nothing?). But just because one is leary does not mean they are not a quality company.

Recommendations would include, but are not limited to, looking them up in the Better Business Bureau. See how long they have been in business, see what kind of record they have with the Bureau.

Look them up on the web. I have, on numerous occasions, done lookups on various companies and found lots of information. No understand, people generally only write to complain about things, so base a decision on what was written and not the fact it was a negative "review". An example of a meaningless review would be someone writes about how the company was a thief because they took the inventor's cash and got nothing in return when he tried to patent leather (ok, bad joke).

It may be worth talking to a patent attorney also. Unless it is urgent you get this done ASAP, do a little research before you jump, if you are looking for the cheapest route, be careful, they may be the cheapest, but if you get nothing in return, that just adds to the cost of the more expensive route.
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Smile Patent

Don't waste your time on these guys. They are largely shisters.

Find an Intellectual Law lawyer and talk with them. It will be more expensive, but in the end any invention that is successful and patented will be worth more to you in the long run.

Plus if your invention is any good, patented or not, you can expect copycats will pop and try replicate your idea and sell it to their advantage.

This means you may want to take these copycats to task to protect your patent or invention idea.

The way you do that of course is to sue them. This can be very expensive, but again the (short term legal) costs should be worth it. The only way you can know this is to talk to a knowlegible lawyer and CPA.

Good Luck!
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Go with an attorney in this area rather than the company you've mentioned.

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