Water Remediation/Recovery


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Water Remediation/Recovery

Got a bill of over $1000 for water/moisture removal from a piece of drywall 3x1. There was no contract of services signed. They just came in and started working without consent nor a price estimate of over $1000. And now this bill comes in.
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Is there a question in there someplace?
More details would help.
Who called them?
Who let them in?
What was the damage caused by? leaky pipe? flood? bad roof?
Home(owned or rented) or apt?
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You could have replaced a 3x1 piece of drywall for far less. As indicated, there is not enough info provided to properly respond.

Someone called and someone opened the door and let them in. As we emphasize on the forums, it is best to get bids from at least three licensed and insured contractors before proceeding. Yes, it's a good idea to get a contract that describes work to be done, how payment is to be made, warranty, etc.

"Water remediation/recovery" typically requires contacting homeowner's insurance. If home is flooded, then one should contact the flood insurance. Agents usually explain the process required to collect payment for damages beyond any deductibles.

Did the bill describe what work was done. Run a dehumidifier? Remove/replace drywall? Inspect wall cavity and insulation for damage?

Again, with more specifics, more advise can be given.

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