Michigan car laws. Help.


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Michigan car laws. Help.

One of my relatives in michigan told this person to move thier vehicle that was on their lot for atleast a year and the person was told 3 0r 4 times to move it within a year.

They didnt move so finally it was towed and then smashed.

They are sueing over it.

Here vehicles are declared abanded after days or months.

What can they counter sue over? They are also sueing over something else related to it.
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Don't know about Michigan, but down here the party with the problem would be the towing company if they didn't follow the letter of the law which among other things requires sending the last registered owner a certified letter that the vehicle had been towed and telling them they had a certain length of time to respond to towing & storage fees or the car would be auctioned. Then if there's no response you have to advertise a public auction in the classified ads section, etc, etc. Florida's statutes are avilable on-line and I wouldn't be surprised if Michigan's were, too, so you could rsearch the law pretty easily.

I don't see that the property owner would have a problem; the towing company should have known the laws and the property owner, in the absence of proof to the contrary, could coneivable just say, "I have no idea what you're talking about".

Now on the other hand, if the property owners or one of their friends with a pickup truck and a chain dragged it to the crusher, better offer to settle with the aggrieved party.

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