How to find atty


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How to find atty

My mom fell 2 weeks ago over a stockcart in a supermarket. The employee pushed the empty cart behind her while she was looking forward, she turned and fell over it. She's 73 yrs old. The market called to see how she was feeling 2 days later, no calls since.

She saw a Dr. three days later, had X-rays that showed no broken bones, but her pain has gotten worse over since the incident.

Got another X-ray 2 days ago because of the pain and Dr. called today to schedule a bodyscan. He said there's a lesion on her hipbone.

How can I find a good atty in Miami, Fl that handles this? The TV ads scare me!!!

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You can go to to locate attorneys in Miami, FL. I thought this one looked good because he's been voted Florida's legal elite three years in a row. Too, it says he will come to your hospital or home. That might make it easier on your mother.
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Finding an attorney

You can go to This a site for finding not only attorneys, but their specialties, address, phone number and list of representative clients. They also rate attorneys from av (the highest rating), bv (second highest), cv (usually for brand new lawyers) and no rating at all.

The attorneys are rated by other attorneys who have contact with the attorney being rated or otherwise who knows the attorney being rated.

But these ratings can sometimes fool you. There are a lot of attorneys who are either not rated or underated. This can happen for a number of reasons.

As a general rule however it is usually safe to pick an AV rated attorney.

Firms are also rated using the same system. Again a good rule of thumb is to pick an AV rated firm.

The site can explain give you more details.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!
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Have you contacted the supermarket offices to work out a reasonable settlement to cover your mother's expenses - thereby negating the need for legal action?

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