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Angry Help Very Frustrated

I am so on the edge and way past frustration. I am in Missouri and have been harrassed by two -three (sometimes) neighbors hoseholds (almost a gang at this point)It all started 5 years ago with my fiances and them getting into an altercation in the front of my house in the street. They decided 5 on 1 and breaking his ribs were the solution. He missed 1 month work and due to alcohol being involved the law inforcement were not called. Since then they have burnt a hole in my chimnea (with fireworks) shot my guy in the chest with a bottle rocket the size of a nickel (police wre called on both occasions and notheing was done on the first count other than a report was filed) the second count I was told by the officer that since there were a group of people partying at the house they could not prove who did it so nothing was done. they come to the back yard of the neighbor south of us to look and watch us in our back yard so we put up a privacy fence on our deck. Then they called the DEA on us and when they came (3 officers) they were in and out in 30 min wondering who called to waste their time. Only when they left to find 11 people in the south neighbors garage looking on for some show. One agent came to my work wanting their names. Then we invested this year over $4.000 in a 6 ft privacy fence and they called the police when I swore in my own yard in my pool, they have come on our property to see what we are doing when our garage door is open, and as of recent I rescued a dog from being hit could not find the owner and after a week called animal control on me form him barking(I am a pet sitter so I helpoed the dog get adopted after only being here 1 1/2 weeks) He is now gone since Sat. But now the new deal is since Monday night one of them was caught jumping above our fefnce to take pictures of our back yard and they think they somehow have something with my over abundant tomato and pepper plants I have planted in totes along my fence. I have a ploiceman two doors from me that is empathetice but nothing is being done. I also forgot one night aroung 4-5 pm we cam home and the neighbor across the street was shooting bottle rockets (illigal in this city ) at my house and car there were black marks on my house. I confronted and yelled Chris you need to stop and he said talk to Bill (the cop) so I marched right down and talked to Bill and his g-friend says "well they have been shooting at our house too?) I told Bill that it was against the city law and I realized that he was off duty but the harrassment needed to stop. I am on heart meds and anxiety meds and beleive you me if I have a heart attack at this point someone will be hating their life if my family has any say. I also have had to make note with my insurance company on this in case my house catches fire and they do have the names and the addresses of the people involved. I have a family attourney in IOWA who has tried to see what he can do but I am not finding any good solutions to this and now I feel they are slandering my name and I have a new Pet sitting business to run that I am afraid that they plan to damage also my mental anguish has been horendous and I am not sure how my much more of this I can take!!! Any advice at this point would be blessed. I am now looking to a suveilance camera or at least a sign to help deter them but none of them have ever adhered to my NO TRESSPASSING sign and one neighbors cat is constatly in my yard. HELP!!!! I feel like I am loosing it and FYI I feel they are predjudice against me and my guy he is a long hair biker type and they are jock type but these bullys on bristol have got to be dealt with any advice??????????? Desperate!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Where I'm from, a couple calls to the police would take care of something like this. We also have city representatives and councilmen in every neighborhood. If they couldn't help, they'd at least know who to contact for help. I live in a big city so I don't know how your area is set up, but I'd think there's at least something similar, at the very least, your city hall should be able to set you in the right direction.
On the other side tho, do you know why they're picking on you? Not saying what they're doing is in any way right, but there must be a reason. If you know, then maybe you could work at changing the situation a bit. If you don't know why, then maybe you could try to at least talk to them and find out what the problem is. Of course, bring a policeman with you if you do this.
Good luck!
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I agree, if you know the reasons behind the problem it would be a lot easier to fix it........ of course you may just be unlucky enough to have neighbors from H

if you use paragraphs, it would be a lot easier to read your post - and may in turn get you more replies

BTW - welcome to the forums!
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Document the issues, get police reports if necessary, get a restraining order. No, not one where they can't be within 100 ft or whatever, but that they can't enter your property for any reason, speak to you, come w/i 10 ft...whatever the rules are.

Put up "No Trespassing" signs, charge anyone and everyone, not just the "bad" neighbors.

Apparently the police think it's just a dispute between neighbors and not serious enuf to ticket or charge anyone.

Or move out of MO...prob not an option tho.
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It sounds like a rant for free legal opinion. It's time to contact the local DA and come clean. Your role in this mess should be clarified and clean your name if you are clean. If not, maybe you can make a deal. This post is a one-sided plea without all the facts.

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