gettin' wood


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gettin' wood

i would like to salvage driftwood lumber from the public beaches and riverbanks in oregon. what do i need to do in order to remain within compliance of the law.
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Many city, state, and federal parks prohibit picking up anything from shells to sand to wood, except during designated cleanup days.

You probably have to find the private person or government department that is responsible for the section you want to go to.
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i don't know if this helps but a few years ago me and my friend
were digging for quahogs (clams, i'm from ri lol).
a beach house owner called the dem and said we were on his property. well cops come and tell us we are tress passing
on private land, my friend who is a devote fishermen and does deep sea fishing to says we are not. ri law allows us to fish upto high tide mark on land, in other words he says upto high water mark is not own. the owner of the land was yelling and we contnued digging (really just piss the the owner off.)
cops call dem and they race down. dem tells owner
we are right and he needs to go home before he is arrested
for harrassment.

don't know if that helps but all ic an do is try to help.

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