collission insurance


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collission insurance

Is there a law in Pa. that states that your insurance agent must add Colission on your policy when you finance a car?I had an accident& didnt know i didnt have coverage, therefore damages on my vehicle arent covered at this point in time.My question is ,can i fight this to seek compensation for my damages?
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Just a layman's opinion here, but I don't think there would be any law compelling an insurance company to put any particular coverage on any vehicle. That would be your responsibility. Generally mandatory coverage is required by the lender where there is a loan involved; in fact if you buy a car with a loan where the lender requires full coverage and you either fail to get it or let it lapse, as soon as the finance company finds out they generally buy it for you. It's to protect their interest, not yours.
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I just wonder why you would not look at the policy details when you signed up?

I've never heard of any state requiring collission covereage. Like John stated, it was your responsibility to get the proper coverage, not your agent. You also weren't paying the premium for it, so there's really nothing you can do but pay up.

Automobile Insurance Laws In Pennsylvania: A Summary of What You Need to Know

All owners of motor vehicles in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are required by law to purchase and maintain automobile insurance. The laws relating to automobile insurance coverage are compiled in 75 Pa.C.S.A. 1701 et seq., commonly known as the Act 6 Amendments to the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, "MVFRL. As an owner, driver or passenger, it is important to understand how automobile insurance affects an individual involved in an automobile accident. The type of coverage an individual selects will depend upon the individual's needs. The following are the most common types of coverage offered:

Liability Coverage

This coverage is mandatory.

Collision Coverage

This coverage is optional.
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Sorry, I have to agree - while lenders usually require full coverage (and proof thereof), I have never heard of any statute requiring this.

Don't you think the agent would have wanted the commission on the extra premium?

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