Update on the property management


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Update on the property management

I have been interviewing certified property management companies.

The one that was trying to get a renter into my rental without an agreement signed between us, told me a week ago that he had this "very sweet single mom" that wants to move into the rental this weekend (8/29).

Without any papers, agreement between myself and the property management company (which, by the way, i can't find on local BBB or NARPM) and no receipt of deposit, I told him that I'd need those before she could move in.

He sent them to me today and her background check shows that she just had a recent TRO filed against her last month and that income to rent ratio, on her credit check, "failed".

He fluffed it up by saying "it's your decision to turn down this sweet, single mom who is counting on moving into the rental this weekend. I think she's a very good candidate".

I've never gotten any contact info for her, never met her, so I replied by saying that I had questions as to why he thought that she was such a good candidate with what the background checks were saying?

Plus, he sent me a copy of half the deposit amount.

He'd get 50% of the first month's rent, IF I sign the agreement that he NOW presents to me, so I know that he would push for this.

It's been two months since I had a renter in my rental. It's always been rented. But, I really DO NOT want someone in there that I've never met, don't have contact info for and see the results on her background/credit checks. He wants me to sign the agreement, turn the keys over to her and let her move in.

I know that I'm not all that legal savvy, but I also know when something just doesn't seem right and this to me....doesn't....again.

So.....once again, I'm asking for your advice and GREATLY appreciate it!

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Your gut is telling you the right thing to do...SHE has TRO against her? Prob because she has one against her EX maybe?

My answer would be..sorry sweet single mom..not taking that chance...good luck in your search.

And he sent you a copy of 1/2 the deposit? Whats that, a photocopied check? Which proves what?

You know the answer...just do it...
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Got a new property management company yesterday.

TOTALLY checked this one out with local BBB, NARPM, IREM and references.

How many days it takes to get renters in?

How many people in the office that does property management?

Advertising that they do is stellar!! I've seen it already (they've posted my rental ad asap)

Good communication.

Got the keys back from last proerty management and changed the locks.

Hopefully , this one works!

Thank you!

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