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Angry septic drainage issue

Hello all! I live in Calumet Township in Lake county Indiana. With city water and septic systems for our drains.
Last spring my neighbor mentioned having issues with water backing up from their drain and asked me if I was having the same issue. Well we're weren't and still are not.
But soon after this I noticed he had routed a black corrugated extension hose out from under his deck and started draining water intermittently right next to our fence line.
I told him that that was going to be a problem and he needed to plan on draining somewhere else. But I felt that if he was having drainage problems I would try to work with him until they could figure out how to fix it.
Long story short, I finally recently got fed up when the hose migrated closer and closer to the fence and the water that puddled in our yard left traces of an orangish-brown residue after drying.
Thats when I remembered his question last spring regarding his septic system. So I went over an politely asked him to stop immediately, and told him that I felt that he was being disrespectful. Next day (I said that I would try to be brief didn't I?.. Sorry!) The drainage end was moved away a generous three feet and I could actually see water running into our yard and puddling. That's when I mentioned the phrase "soil test" to them. Not five minutes later the hose was gone. But I want to make sure it stays gone and since politeness doesn't have the effect on these neighbors the way the threat of legal consequence does; my question is; is it illegal to drain septic water above grade even on your own property?
In the photo the added soil is were the puddling had been occuring the most.
My neighbors really let me down on this one. Their lightning quick response after hearing me talk about a soil sample made me realize that they had known that what they were doing was wrong the whole time!
Share your photos at : Neighborly drainage solution2 by mickblock
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Contact the county board of health. They are either responsible or can point you to the right department. In my county, our systems are inspected every five years. I can't imagine dumping any effluent above ground unless it has been thoroughly treated. Mine goes through several settling tanks, a sand filter and a chlorinator before exiting in the woods behind my property.
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I think you need to turn him in right now - while the stain is in your yard.

That is like milking your neighbors cow.

He has the septic problem not you and yet he chose to drain his septic out into your yard.

I don't know who's yard is who's - but he needs to make some type of restitution for the damage to your property.

Hasn't either of you heard of something called a Honey Dipper?

There is a guy who has a truck that has a big tank on the back and he comes to your house and he pumps out your septic tank and then he might even have to come back with a piece of equipment called a backhoe or a excavator and digs up the leech bed and repairs the problem.

Exiting your sewage into someone else's yard is not only unsanitary, it is also dangerous.

If you have pets or children who might play or step in the puddle, you might end up with all kinds of diseases.

Someone purposely removing the pipe from the septic system and bypassing the system and exiting it directly onto your lawn is not only breaking the law - he is also over stepping his boundrys as a good neighbor.

You shouldn't have told him not to do it, you should have turned him in!

Sometimes good fences makes good neighbors, but other times when someone is polluting your property with no regard to you or your family, the only way to teach him a lesson is to have him arrested and pay a fine.

If he was a good neighbor, he would have came over, even if it was in the middle of the night and tried to clean up his mess or offered to make some sort of restitution for the damage he did to your property. Since no offer has been made, it is your responsibility to turn him in and get the state involved and get it cleaned up as soon as possible.

The longer it sits, the more problems you are going to have - proving where it came from!

Next time - tell him to call Rotheschilds Sewage and Septic Sucking Services.

Rothschild's Sewage and Septic Sucking Services - The Red Green Wiki

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