Felon as a minor. Gun Law


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Felon as a minor. Gun Law

Can a man of 22 legally own a gun if he was convicted of a felony at age 16?
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I'd read that as a no, a felony is a felony.
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I'd guess it would depend on if possibly the persons record was purged when they reached a certain age. I believe purged truly means purged..as in..it never happened..

Of course a lawyer or a judge would really be the one to ask.

I would think the mandatory background check would reveal that, of course then the person might be guilty of another felony by attempting to purchase the firearm.
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If a 16yr old was convicted of a felony, he was most likely charged as a adult. No felons should ever own a weapon, regardless of age the felony was commited at.
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The legal term you are looking for is "expungement". It has been a while since I have worked in the legal field but in Oklahoma if the felony was a non-violent offense and 5 years had lapsed with no other legal issues then you could apply for an expungement.

After the expungement was completed, any record of the conviction would be removed and it would be like the felony never happened. Therefore, a person could apply for and receive a conceal carry permit in the State of Oklahoma IIRC.

This is really one of those issues that requires a lawyer.

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