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Ok my dad whenever he gets mad threatens to divorce my mom. its mostly talk as a couple days later hes all happy like nothing happened(hes not a well man mentally). anyway my mom gets like $600 a month from SSI my dad gets like 1800 a month. if he was to divorce my mom would a lawer or judge let my dad live in some nice pent house while me and mom are out on the street living in the car. we are renting and he pays the rent here. i know she should go see a lawyer but whats your thoughts.
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This is a tough thing for you to have to worry about.

First off for $1800.00 I don't think that anyone will be moving into a penthouse suite.
If she is seriously thinking about leaving then she does need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible before she finds herself without any options.
The lawyer should be able to direct her to which agencies to contact for housing and financial assistance.

Hopefully there is some way to patch things up as there is outside help available for this as well.
If not you need to make sure that you support your mom and also make sure you and her stay safe.
There are places you can go where you do not have to stay in your car.
Contact a social services agency in your area and I am sure there would be no problem finding someone to talk to about this.
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well its official somewhat. dad is moving out on June 1st to another place and sense he was paying the rent here we can't afford to stay here. while there not divorced yet no one has signed papers we can't stay here if he decides not to continue paying the rent. all the lawyers she talked to said she wouldn't get half his money. they would balance it out. lets say half of dads money is $900 and mom gets $600 she would only get $300 of dads money to make it $900. someone said that if he moves out without filing for divorce that hes deserting her and that's whole another issue isn't it. mom can move into a senior type apartment but they won't let me live with her so i would have to move to a friends house for a while until she can get back on her feet. dad is very controlling and mental abusive to my mom. hes also paranoid that shes out with another man. doesn't like it when she goes out with her friends doesn't like it if she goes shopping without him doesn't like it that shes on the computer or watches tv. this time he got pissed off cause she took a shower before going shopping and he asked her if she had a hot date. he's very moody one minute he's fine he's happy the next he has his head up his ass. he won't get help cause the casino is more important. the friend that i want to move in with knows a good lawyer and is trying to see if he will do a free office visit as a favor.
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I think most attorneys will do the initial "consultation" visit for free. Also, some lawyers will adjust their fees in accordance to what their clients can pay.

It sounds like your dad has some serious mental issues that he should get help for, but its often hard to impossible to talk someone into getting help if they don't want to. He really should see a doctor to determine if some medical condition is affecting his thought process. If it looks like your mother would be better off divorced, then by all means get the process going so she can be getting some financial assistance coming in from him.

As GregH mentioned earlier, there is help available, but both parties have to be agreeable to seeking that help. If your dad doesn't want to do his part to salvage this marriage, then its time your mom finds some relief from his "control freak" nature.

Good luck, since divorce is always a hard thing to see happen to anyone, especially your parents.
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he is mentelly ill but like said he won't spend the money on a doctor. he rather give his money to casino. He used to take medicine for depression but took himself off of it(I feel fine i don't need to take it anymore etc)
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well me and mom may have found a place for $388. its a trailer park but it will do temporary until she can find a better place. we need a letter of recommendation from the currant landlord who seams to be taking dads side. he said he needs to put that we didn't pay the rent here for a few months. mom told him to put down that she was out of work and dad was out of the work at that time. also we are paying the rent again along with the back rent but who knows if this landlord will put that or if hes out to screw us cause he seams to be taking dads side.
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Sorry to hear about your families misfortune. Please take care!

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