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threatened with suit for leaving bad review


Old 01-29-10, 09:46 PM
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threatened with suit for leaving bad review

a internet company is trying to bully me into removing a bad review I left about their company.. what should I do, I really don't want to back down, but I can't afford a legal battle..

Do they have any right to do this..
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Old 01-29-10, 10:27 PM
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was it anything slanderous or personal attacks against the company.
Old 01-29-10, 10:53 PM
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I didn't think so but they sure do.. here is what I wrote.

"What a joke.. I thought I was making the right decision after reading all the great reviews, boy was I wrong.. I ordered two large items on the 23 of January on the 26 my wife gets a call that instead of the shipping cost listed on the order we would need to pay more, almost double.. She ended up canceling the order. very disappointing.. here is a quote form their website. "we will guarantee you the lowest delivery price, for even 15 days after purchase." LOL .. and another "Hello, just about anybody can build a web site without investing in products. At Left out company name, we don't sell things that we do not stock on a regular basis." The company is based in Texas, but the person that contact us stated the price was increased because it was shipping from Washington. I check the website again and they are still listing the original shipping I was quoted on my order. For the amount they wanted to charge I could rent a truck drive to Texas and drive home and still have cash left over.."

Should I just delete the review and move on or should I stand and fight
Old 01-30-10, 04:49 AM
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If it were me I would tell them to pound sand. Actually what I would do is ignore any and all communications from them. I see no reason to even respond to such actions. They would have no case; among other things there would be the burden of proof that you had written and posted the review absent you testiftying that you did (which you could not, I believe, be compelled to do).

I'm not an attorney, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
Old 01-30-10, 06:37 AM
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Talking I stayed at a Super 8 !.......does this qualify me to give legal advice as well?

I agree, there is nothing to fight about.
These types of reviews exist all over the internet.
Most online stores have a review section for each product and do not censor bad reviews.

I am surprised that with what you said you wrote that a company would make a fuss.
I read as many customer reviews as I can when researching a product and take many of the negative ones as either mis-informed or too hard to please.

Shipping costs are one where I would be surprised if there were not disclaimers for distance of shipping or the size of an item as an exclusion for their normal shipping fees.
I personally look for items with free shipping or reduced shipping and know that you sometimes have to look hard for the shipping costs for what you ordered and where it is going.

Perhaps you would have found the increased rates if you looked harder?
Old 01-30-10, 07:32 AM
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I would tell them your review stands unless they come through with what you ordered at the price you ordered it. If the review is fact, and not embellished, you have nothing to worry about. The truth is the truth.

If they really wanted to get your review removed I'm sure they could figure out another way. I mean really, it one persons review.
Old 02-21-10, 05:49 PM
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As long as what you wrote is factual, I don't see how they could sue you.
Old 02-22-10, 05:57 AM
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sense there threatening to sue that makes me think their trying to hide something.

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