I'm hurt but not disabled.


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I'm hurt but not disabled.

Two years ago a lady hit me with her car while I was riding my bicycle. I suffered to broken legs. My lawyer was only able to get me $10,000 dollars per her insurance policy. In result I lost my car and got evicted because I didn't get enough money to pay the doctors and my bills. I can't go back to working as a cook because of the damage to my legs, I can't stand and work for long periods of time anymore. I've been denied disability eventhough I have a rod in one leg and a metal plate in the other. I can't afford a lawyer to pursue disability any further. Is there anything I can do?
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Sorry to hear what happened...but your lawyer was at fault. I'm sure the paperwork that was signed completely absolved the driver from any further claim.

I know you've been told this before...but you will need to find another lawyer who will be willing to help. Trying to persue this on your own is almost futile.
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You might try talking to one of those SS disability lawyers you see advertised on TV - they work on a commission. I would think they could advise you if you can still pursue the insurance company and whether or not you have a good case for getting SS disability.
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I would think you have no further recourse against the driver but SS might be an option. You definitely need a lawyer to pursue that.
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I'm going to go out on a limb and give a layman's opinion that your attorney was incompetent. The offending party should have been sued for any and all expenses. The amount of money the woman was insured for has absolutely no bearing on the case unless she had absolutely no assets to be attached. She would still be repsonsible for your expenses, though, and getting a judgement against her would have been the first step. What if she wins the lottery next week and buys herself a million dollar home and a Rolls-Royce? And I agree with the points made by the other posters.

My non-attorney $.02 worth.
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