Small Claims judgment extension


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Small Claims judgment extension

I won a Small Claim judgment in NYS (Onondaga County) in 2006. How do I file for an extension and when should I do it? I haven't used a lawyer.
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My wife got a judgment against a deadbeat several yrs ago. Her judgment [after it was recorded] is good for 20 yrs. If I remember correctly, all she has to do to renew it is go to the court house and pay a fee to have it continued. The time to do so would be before the original judgment order expires. Her judgment was in Virginia, it may vary by state but the court recorder office should be able to give you the info you need.
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Call the County Clerks office in the county the judgment was granted (315)435-8200. You will be asking for a judgment renewal. Do this 3-6 months before the current one expires, which looks like 20 years.

If you have not received any monies from the other guy, you may want to hire a lawyer to try and recover (garnish, sheriff's sale, etc).
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What are you doing to collect on the judgment? What will induce the person you sued to pay on the judgment?

Is your judgment a part of the debtor's credit history with the credit reporting agencies?

You need a strategy to get paid. Getting an extension might be a part of that strategy, but just getting an extension may not be an effective strategy by itself.
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BTW, you might want to consider selling the judgment to a collection agency - they buy it at a discount from the judgment amount, and then are responsible for collecting whatever portion of the judgment they can.... a bird in the hand, etc.
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Small Claims judgment extension

Thank you all for your input. When I originally worked on this, I received conflicting information about the judgment's expiration--either 10 years or 20. I'll call the County Clerk about the renewal, but, based on my experience with that office so far, I don't expect much help. In the past, they weren't willing to give me information that could be provided by a lawyer. That's why I decided to post the question here. I did learn that every county in New York State has different laws. The judgment is for $400 (+ interest) and not worth hiring a lawyer for. These people (a couple) have a trail of judgments and bad debts. They live somewhere for a while and finally get evicted for not paying rent. Then they repeat the same thing. They also don't pay their bills for medical treatment and other services. I tried the garnishing route with the sheriff's office, but the guy just keeps quitting jobs and moving on. Selling the judgment to a collection agency is an intriguing idea. I'm sure, though, these people have moved on again with no forwarding address. I figure the best I can do is renew the judgment so it's on the books in case they want to take out a loan.
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from what you just said. i say "do yourself a favor" = forgetaboutit.

1 of my sisters screwed me out of $525 about 8 years ago. 5 years ago i realized i was never going to get it. her loss, not mine. kinda like paying someone to leave ya alone. in the end, you are better off.

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