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Tenant Help

Hello, I have a huge problem with my landlord and could really use some help! I moved in with my landlord in June of 2005, I stayed at the apartment for four years. Earlier this year, I moved apartments with the same management company. The first week I was in this apartment, I noticed it would shake! After speaking witht the landlord, they claimed they had no idea what I was talking about. After months of back and forth, they finally admitted to me it was the air/heating system in the business below me. This shaking is terrible. It is 3 degrees outside at night here in Wisconsin, so it shakes for six minutes, then stops for nine mintues, then shakes for six minutes, and so on. The shaking itself is pretty bad. It makes everything rattle, pictures fall of the walls, is incredibly uncomfortable, and if I sit on my couch for long enough while its vibrating it actually hurts! I'm actually getting bad chest pains because of the constant vibration. My question is, I can't afford to move out. Does the landlord have any obligation to find me another apartment or to modify the air/heat system in the business below me so the apartment doesn't shake? I've called the building inspector, but they told me I had to call another agency and they will only investigave if this other agency finds there is a violation. I have yet to do that, and I was just wondering/hoping if anyone had any insight. Sorry for the incredibly long post, I wanted to be as detailed as possible, and thanks so much for reading it all!

Thanks in advance for any help!
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I don't think it's unreasonable for them to find you another apartment; whether they're under any legal requirements is the question for an attorney. I would recommend you spend the money for an initial consultation with a lawyer to get an accurate opinion on the mattter.

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